medical specialist

medical specialist
practices one branch of medicine
Syn: ↑specialist
Derivationally related forms: ↑specialistic (for: ↑specialist), ↑specialism (for: ↑specialist), ↑specialize (for: ↑specialist), ↑specialise (for: ↑specialist)
Hypernyms: ↑doctor, ↑doc, ↑physician, ↑MD, ↑Dr., ↑medico
anesthesiologist, ↑anesthetist, ↑anaesthetist, ↑baby doctor, ↑pediatrician, ↑pediatrist, ↑paediatrician, ↑cardiologist, ↑heart specialist, ↑heart surgeon, ↑chiropodist, ↑foot doctor, ↑podiatrist, ↑dermatologist, ↑skin doctor, ↑diagnostician, ↑pathologist, ↑diplomate, ↑ear doctor, ↑ear specialist, ↑otologist, ↑embryologist, ↑endocrinologist, ↑ENT man, ↑ear-nose-and-throat doctor, ↑otolaryngologist, ↑otorhinolaryngologist, ↑rhinolaryngologist, ↑gerontologist, ↑geriatrician, ↑gynecologist, ↑gynaecologist, ↑woman's doctor, ↑hematologist, ↑haematologist, ↑hygienist, ↑internist, ↑neurologist, ↑brain doctor, ↑obstetrician, ↑accoucheur, ↑oncologist, ↑ophthalmologist, ↑eye doctor, ↑oculist, ↑orthopedist, ↑orthopaedist, ↑orthoptist, ↑proctologist, ↑psychiatrist, ↑head-shrinker, ↑shrink, ↑radiographer, ↑radiologist, ↑radiotherapist, ↑rheumatologist, ↑urologist

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